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Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Always Want What We Don't Have

This should be just a quick addendum to last night's post. Once again, there is something to this hair thing that my momma knows and I don't. Here is MG this morning, after the curling rags were removed:

and here she is after the tears and hysteria, her insisting that everyone in 4th grade was going to laugh at her kinky, frizzy hair. So we wet it, and straightened it and blow dried it:

EG simply refused to look at her hair and as I carried her out to the bus in my jammies and slippers, she was yelling for a pony tail to "hide it." "I hate curls!" She had, however, forgotten about the dress.

And a few more notes about school lunch. I have said before that it is the most expensive meal I ever eat. The lunch itself only costs two bucks, but if my schedule is full, it is two hours of lost billing. Yesterday, with Winston's (the Mini's) ice skating stunt, it could have been even more costly! The childrens' father is a phenomenal cook. Once MG was complementing his food and said, "Daddy's is very good, almost as good as my school's."

So, I must pack - more than usual this Thursday - as I'm settling into my new pad. And guess what?? More snow is in the forecast! Maybe I will get lucky and get snowed in again, with some well-dressed gentleman.

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