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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

School Lunch

The Stonewall Brigade Band's Christmas concert went quite well, in my opinion. I would upload a sound file, but I don't know how, and I'm too lazy to learn tonight. Each year, admission to the concert is free, but we take an offering to benefit a local charity. This time the proceeds went to Valley Mission, a local homeless shelter.

I enjoyed playing, though I have to say it is much easier to do summer concerts, when I don't have to worry about getting the girls up for school the next morning. By 9 p.m. on a school-night, I have the attention span of a moth.

Today, I had scheduled to join both girls for lunch at their school. One of EG's teachers was having a birthday. EG said, "When she has her next birthday, my mommy is . . .(started somewhere in 30's; I won't specify, and then continued. . .) she will be thirty-eight, then she will be thirty-nine, and then she will be thirty-ten!"

I am cherishing each time MG still requests that I come to lunch and is actually excited that I am there with her friends. How long can it last?

I'm sitting there, eating school lunch: pizza, blueberries, and corn when someone from the office comes rushing in to find me. As they describe my car rolling away from the school and into the street, I start running. I had applied the parking brake, but the Mini was on ice, and I guess it just doesn't weigh enough to stay put! Fortunately someone grabbed a large branch, chocked the front wheel, and no-one hit it before I removed it from the busy street it had rolled into.

When I came back to rejoin MG and friends, they were all laughing right out of their seats. Little hooligans.

The kids are all having indoor recess because the temps have been so low and the ground is so icy. I really feel a lot of empathy for those teachers.

Otherwise, it has been a fairly uneventful day. I'm in the midst of doing a ton of laundry - wondering how we manage to create so much. MG decided she wants more curls in her hair than she already has, so I rolled up her hair in rags, like my mother used to do, when I was a little girl. EG wanted hers done too. We will take them out when they wake up and see what we've got.

EG is crying because she wants to wear a certain dress with her curly hair tomorrow - the same dress she wore today that has not yet made it through in its place in the ten loads of laundry I've been doing.

Here she is three minutes later. I hope she has forgotten the dress when she wakes in the morning. Though it wouldn't be the first time I've had to carry her out to the bus, in my pajamas, still struggling to get her ready. She is in Pre-K. It won't last forever.

MG is currently writing a story about running away to New York City and having a boyfriend. Why can't they just stay little!!

There is just not enough time to enjoy these two, and do laundry, and shovel snow, and work, etc. . .

and yet time keeps moving forward . . .


  1. A frightening moment for the poor Mini!And you didn't finish your corn young lady.

  2. How dio we have an emtire conversation, plus a brief bonus call, with nary a mention of Winston pulling a Herbie & going solo?!
    And I remember the ragged head to obtain curls...the girls have inherited our fine, straight hair whether they like it or not. ;/

  3. Why didn't you just put Winston in your purse? You didn't finish your corn young lady!

  4. Jamaes, I cleaned my tray once Winston was rescued.

    RWH, MG actually inherited some curls from her father.

  5. I am reminded by my typing errors that I need to turn a light in once the sun sets...
    Dio = did & emtire = entire.